Freelance Animator
Mew Films / Amazon

  • Created motion graphics in Adobe After Effects for use with live action footage
  • Animated characters using Adobe Flash and Toon Boom Harmony
  • Created assets in Adobe Photoshop for use in motion graphics
  • Designed the visual style for a series of animated explainer videos

Very True Story / Disney-Star Wars & Android

  • Created a series of short animations for use with Android Pay
  • Animated the Android logo in the likeness of popular Star Wars characters
  • Designed assets using Adobe Illustrator for use in animation

ffake / Toyota

  • Used Adobe After Effects to animate effects for select animated scenes
  • Provided clean-up and color for character animation
  • Facilitated communication between remote artists and the producer
  • Organized project files and folders for use by a team of artists

Deep Sky Studios / Various

  • Animated hand drawn characters in-house using Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Flash/Animate
  • Collaborated closely with the creative director and other animators
  • Designed and animated characters in various graphic styles
  • Provided color and clean-up work for various scenes of specific projects

Lush Life Productions

  • Utilized assets from an illustrator to rig 2D puppets in Toon Boom Harmony
  • Animated 2D character puppets with demanding turnaround times
  • Communicated remotely with several artists and producers to ensure a quality end product


  • Animated short intro for popular YouTube gaming channel (525,000+ subscriber count)
  • Updated brand logo to be used on all social media platforms
  • Communicated remotely with client to ensure needs and preferences were met

Freelance Compositor
“Deers” - Animated short film

  • Combined multiple individual animated parts in Adobe After Effects to create a complete scene
  • Collaborated closely with the director/animator
  • Balanced value levels of individual shots to ensure a cohesive atmosphere for the film
  • Refined character motion and scene aesthetics through the use of precise masking



Adobe Flash, Animate, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Toon Boom Harmony